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We design your brand bible

Your brand is not just your logo.

Having a clear and consistent brand is important for any business looking to establish a strong and recognizable presence in the market. A brand book (or brand bible, brand handbook, brand style guide) is a document that outlines a company's visual and verbal brand elements to ensure consistency across all communication channels. It includes elements such as logos, color palettes, typography, visual style, tone, messaging guidelines, and use cases. It can be used as a reference material for those involved in brand communication, such as employees and designers.

Make sure your customers remember you in the future.

3:45 duration

We were impressed by FORMM's attention to detail. They ensured that every aspect of our website and social media presence was optimized for the best user experience.

Aura BrooksMarketing Director, Owl Eyes

The FORMM team is highly skilled and passionate about what they do. They went above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied with the final brand bibke and exceeded our expectations.

Eve CrawfordCEO at Parker

Working with FORMM was a pleasure from start to finish. They are a talented group of professionals who are committed to delivering the best results for their clients. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jack GrahamProject Manager, Coffee Inc

We appreciated how FORMM worked collaboratively with us throughout the design process. They listened to our ideas and provided valuable insights to help us achieve our goals.

Zak ReidProject Manager at pico

What do you get with a Brand Manual

  • a outstanding corporate logo
  • clear guideline for logo placement
  • a memorable corporate typography
  • unique corporate elements
  • key design elements

... and more.

  • a matching corporate color system
  • a strong layout system
  • PDF brand bible
  • finale file delivery


  • responsive Webdesign
  • Stand out Packaging Design
  • Luxury Business Card Design
  • Likable Social Media Templates
  • Power Point Mastertemplates
  • Brand Images
  • Imagevideos
  • And more …

What is the procedure until you hold your Brand Manual in your hands.

1. Brand discovery

At the beginning of each project you will receive a questionnaire from us that you have to fill out. We will then arrange a phone or zoom conversation.

2. Brand exploration & research

First, we examine the market and do a competitive analysis. This is how we find out what your dream customers think is great and how we position you visually.

3. Brand manual concept development

In this phase you get two design directions.

4. Brand refinement

In this phase we work out one of the two design directions and define the main elements.

5. Brand implementation (optional)

In this step we revise your existing materials and implement the new brand design in your company.

6. Brand Bible & Masterfiles

Now we work the final data. We create the PDF and give your brand bible the final touch

7. Brand Launch

All you have to do now is give the brand book to your employees and the brand or rebranding can be released.

Tailored pricing plans designed for your Brand Book

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Grow your business

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