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Free of commitment

What you’ll get is a brilliant brand and all the tools you need to successfully work with your internal and external design partners


We’re here for all things consulting and you decide which components you require for your brand.


You got 99 problems but your agency ain’t one. With you know exactly where you’re at, right from the start.

Brand specialists

We’re working with the best people to build your brand and perfectly gear it to your target audience.

What are we here for?

New creation:

You have a great product and want to market it successfully? We will create a unique corporate identity for you and let your product evolve into a brand.


Your visual appearance needs to be reworked in order to meet today’s standards? With us you’ll even surpass them.

Brand development:

You’ve already successfully gained access to the market but want to be one step ahead of everyone? We’ll establish a memorable brand that stands out of the crowd.


Our Team will customize your brand and gear it to your target audience in order to intensify engagement with it.

How it works

1. Design analysis

We’ll have a closer look at your company and your products and elaborate the visual language most suitable for your brand in order to find the perfect position for you in your section.

2. Strategic development

We’ll use our design tools to develop a unique look representing your brand.

3. Design development

Together we’ll shape your brand and develop a design that fits you like a glove.

Most common products:

Corporate design

A convincing corporate design is more than just an attractive style. It’s responsible to make your company visible as a brand. Moreover it operates the perception of your target audience which is essential for a great performance.


Was ihr bekommt:

✓ Logo – Design/Überarbeitung + Konstruktion + Platzierung

✓ Typografie – Font + Hierarchy

✓ Farbsystem – Hauptfarben + Sekundärfarben

✓ Stilelemente – Stilelemente + Layoutprinzip

Geschäftsausstattung – Visitenkarten + Briefumschlag + Briefpapier online (Wordvorlage/PDF)

Web design

Your website is the number one platform for your clients to get in touch with your brand. We’ll take care of a clear structure and high-end optic.


What you get:

✓ Premium website design

3 landingpages

✓ Standard pages (Imprint, Privacy, Contact, FAQ, Law)

100% Responsive Design (Mobil/Tablet/Screen)

✓ Programmierung in WordPress

Online Ads Bundle

A brand without an online appearance? We couldn’t even imagine! We’ll provide you with all the necessary to represent your brand on Social Media and the Web and to form a stronger bond with your target audience.


What you get:

Instagram feed template + Post template + Story template (Masterdateien)

Facebook feed template + Header + Post template (Masterdateien)

✓ Imagekarte/Flyer (Masterdatei)

✓ Packaging Template (based on your packaging files) (Masterdatei)

✓ Online Advertising Templates (Google Ads) (Masterdateien)

✓ Facebook/Instagram Advertising Templates (Masterdateien)

✓ Amazon Product Picture Template (Masterdateien)

Image brochure DIN A5 – cover + 4 inside pages (Masterdatei)

Classic Ads Bundle

The perfect equipment for a successful start! You’ll receive a balanced blend of online- and offline products for a brilliant brand appearance.


What you get:

Instagram feed template + Post template + Story template (Masterdateien)

Facebook feed template + Header + Post template (Masterdateien)

✓ Flyer template (Masterdatei)

Folded flyer template, DIN A6, 8 pages – letter fold (Masterdatei)

✓ Print advertisement DIN A1 (scalable to…A2,A3,A4 US Format) (Masterdatei)

✓ Packaging Template (based on your packaging files) (Masterdatei)

✓ PPT template (Masterdatei)

Image brochure DIN A5 – cover + 4 inside pages (Masterdatei)


Convincing content is an absolute must for a unique brand. We’ll conceptualize and organize a shoot which will get you the premium shots you need for a spectacular brand performance.


Was ihr bekommt:

10-20 premium content

Creation of a moodboard

professional model

Hair and Make-Up Artist

✓ Stylist

✓ Studio/Location

✓ Premium photo retouch

Product photos

Your products are the heart and soul of your brand. Of course they need to be treated as such. In a special shoot we’ll take perfect care of your stars and put them into perfect position.


Was ihr bekommt:

10-20 premium content 

✓ different angles (tbd)

Creation of a moodboard

Professional model

✓ Studio

✓ Premium photo retouch