Start-Up Guide EN

“After years of successful cooperation with many large and small companies, our team has gained a wealth of experience that is worth its weight in gold for young founders. We have heard many successful ideas and implemented them profitably. But we have also seen good ideas that have not worked well implemented.

Our start-up guide is aimed at young founders, but also at inspired people who are not yet completely sure of their idea. Here you can benefit from our experience at low cost to implement your ideas. We help you with ideas, develop small personalized concepts for your company or simply give marketing input. All with the aim of making Germany more attractive for founders and companies.”

Simon, Founder and Managing Director FORMM.Agency

Are you wondering how our Start-Up Guide works?

  • Step 1: Find out where we can help you and click "Das hier"
  • Step 2: Click "Start" in the product and follow the instructions.
  • Step 3: Our team will create your task within 6 days.