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Your e-commercer agency
in berlin

Tailor-made online shops for your target group – our work as an e-commerce agency in Berlin

The growth of e-commerce poses challenges for companies. If you want to be successful in the digital world in the future, you always have to deal with the latest trends and master new technologies. Cooperation with an e-commerce agency can support companies in this and ensure that companies can inspire their customer base in times of technological change.

As a web design agency in Berlin, we have many years of experience in the conception and development of successful online shops. Our portfolio shows that we work with up-and-coming startups and medium-sized companies and develop online shops for desktop and mobile devices for them.

From mobile commerce and real-time engagement to individualized user journeys – we set the trends instead of following them.

Our services as an e-commerce agency include:

Research & Analysis

The most relevant element of an online presence is that it is geared towards the user. As an e-commerce agency, we analyze the buying behavior of your target group. This knowledge enables us to design online presences that your target group will love and that will catapult your business into new spheres..

User experience design

User experience design is one of our main activities as an e-commerce agency. On the basis of our previous research, we develop user experience concepts that make platforms intuitive to use, retain users and inspire them at the same time.


Our external development team translates our designs into functional online presences. From mobile apps for iOS and Android to responsive websites – our e-commerce team works with all common platforms and technologies. Through our constant quality assurance, we guarantee continuous improvements to the product.

Performance marketing

Nothing is more important to us than achieving a good return for you. Therefore, our e-commerce team designs performance marketing campaigns. Through data-based advertising campaigns and organic optimization, we ensure that your goals are always met.

Are you a designer or a small design studio?

Ever wished for a project management tool crafted from real-life design agency experience? We've been there! Using our own journey as a design agency, we've fine-tuned a software tailored just for designers and small agencies like ours. Let us handle the complexity, so you can focus on creating masterpieces. 🔍✏️

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