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We are a design and branding agency based in Europe

Innovative problem-solving creativity that helps you succeed.

Good design and branding significantly impacts the feelings of your clients.

Discover the digital era’s premier multichannel agency.

At FORMM, we specialize in crafting comprehensive strategies that span both online and offline platforms. Our team utilizes a cross-media approach to develop communication measures tailored to captivate your target audience. By implementing our expertise, we enhance your company’s appeal and drive sustainable sales growth. Ready to unlock your company’s full potential? Let FORMM guide you towards success. Contact us today!

What defines is an esteemed advertising agency headquartered in Berlin. We thrive on collaborating with visionary founders and innovative brands brimming with exceptional ideas, guiding them towards triumphant success. Our team consists of young, creative minds who possess a passion for both digital and analog realms. Our comprehensive range of agency services encompasses design, branding, social media, and marketing. Notable references include esteemed start-ups from Berlin and Munich, such as FLSK, Lipofy, Breathe Organics, and Vypii. Additionally, we have had the privilege of working with renowned international enterprises like Mercedes Benz, Continental, and Belvedere. Let propel your brand to new heights. Contact us today to embark on an extraordinary journey of achievement.

What fuels our passion?

At, our driving force stems from our creative minds. We are dedicated to crafting captivating and groundbreaking products while transforming companies into extraordinary brands with distinctive identities. As an agency, we relentlessly seek out immense potential and harness it to its fullest extent. Our unwavering objective as a branding agency is to surpass industry standards, constantly pushing boundaries. We thrive on challenges and are fueled by a relentless motivation to help your company soar to new heights. Let us propel your brand towards unparalleled success. Embrace the journey with today!

Embracing our core values

In the pursuit of long-term success, core values play a pivotal role. This principle resonates not only with the companies we assist but also within our own Berlin-based agency. We wholeheartedly embody our profession, giving our all to serve you. Our commitment extends beyond our work behind the screen; it permeates every facet of our consulting and design endeavors. We meticulously analyze and craft design solutions that align with your unique identity, propelling your company forward. Our utmost priorities revolve around delivering unparalleled quality, fostering individuality, nurturing character, and embracing the right balance of perfectionism. Experience the unwavering dedication of our team at Join us on this remarkable journey, where our values drive us towards excellence.

Our Journey traces its roots back to the vibrant German start-up scene. Simon, the founder, honed his skills and gained international experience in the realms of design and advertising, while also co-founding three successful ventures where he spearheaded branding and design efforts. In early 2019, driven by a compelling vision, Simon made the decision to establish his own design and branding agency in Berlin. His goal? To replicate the success he achieved in his own ventures by actively contributing to the growth of other companies. Thus, was born—an outcome of a youthful success story that has firmly established itself in the advertising world through boundless creativity and unwavering motivation. Today, we proudly guide and nurture innovative brands as they carve their own remarkable paths. Join us at and let’s embark on a transformative journey together.

Are you a designer or a small design studio?

Ever wished for a project management tool crafted from real-life design agency experience? We've been there! Using our own journey as a design agency, we've fine-tuned a software tailored just for designers and small agencies like ours. Let us handle the complexity, so you can focus on creating masterpieces. 🔍✏️

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